Arnaldo de Castro Figueiredo

Andrologist - Urologist
Arnaldo Figueiredo

Performs functions of Andrologist-Urologist doctor in Coimbra Fertility Center | Clinimer. He is director of the Urology and Renal Transplantation Service of the Hospitals Universitário de Coimbra and also Professor of Urology of the Faculty of Medicine in Coimbra. Graduated in Medicine by the Faculty of Medicine in 1988, his academic career was extended to the Specialty in Urology through his Ph.D. in Urology by Coimbra University in 2004 followed by the Fellow of the European Board of Surgery (Transplantation) in 2010. Participated in more than 10,000 surgeries and special techniques of urology is an invited surgeon for teaching surgical techniques in various hospitals, in Portugal and abroad. His course goes beyond clinical practice, with a vast curriculum of participation and academic invitations.

Sector – Clinical Staff