High School of Carcavelos, Lisbon, at Education Towards Fertility

On March 26th, under the initiative of “Educating towards Fertility”, another visit to COIMBRA FERTILITY CENTER | CLINIMER ART laboratory was held.

Profs. Isabel Saraiva and Anabela Ramos, chaperon a group of 25 students, from the High School of Carcavelos in Lisbon, carried out a study view at the facilities of the Fertility Clinic, COIMBRA FERTILITY CENTER | CLINIMER.

The students had the opportunity to get a closer look at the operation of a Fertility Clinic, as well as to have the knowledge of all their valences.

One of the most appreciated and most enthusiastic parts of the students is the visit to the ART laboratory, where they could live a “laboratory experience”.

In addition to COIMBRA FERTILITY CENTER | CLINIMER laboratory visit, the Coimbra Surgical Center, also offered them a visit to the Imaging Service with the purpose of getting some knowledge of the exams that are performed in the context of the scrutiny of women infertility factors.

Another successful initiative of COIMBRA FERTILITY CENTER | CLINIMER, in the sensitization of the younger layers for the fertility preservation.

The future depends on us!